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about Lemur Jewels Ltd.

Fine jewelry, designed and hand-crafted by Valentin Magro of New York,
LCF logo sterling silver broochLemur Jewels Ltd. offers six different lemurs, endangered primates from Madagascar,
in various natural poses. All designs are fully three dimensional and exquisitely detailed.

Each piece, in sterling silver or 18 kt. gold, can be mixed and matched
into a unique combination of your choice in earrings, pendants, charm bracelets
and necklaces. Cufflinks and a brooch are also available.

Click on the image to see detail of each lemur design.     LCF Logo Brooch

Mongoose lemur Red Ruffed lemur Sifaka Ring-tailed lemur Crowned lemur Brown lemur
Mongoose Lemur on branch Red Ruffed Lemur hanging by feet Sifaka running Ring-tailed Lemur Crowned Lemur with infant Brown Lemur on tree trunk


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